The Exit Scam

Workmines recently did an exit scam that left sad and confused users hopeful that they would be back. Since the site went down on June 6, 2019, users received promises that the site was performing server upgrades and that the site would be back soon. Days passed and users continued desperately waiting for the site to be restored. Datelines set for upgrades to be completed have since passed and the site has still not been restored.

Scammers Taking Advantage of Hopeful Users

Clone sites have been coming up with promises that they will be live soon. A clone site is a modification or a copy of an existing website. For instance, a site that looks like the original is created and used to trick users to believe that the site is back. For example, the image below shows a screenshot of a site claiming to be Workmines and telling users they will soon be back.

How To Determine Clone Sites

Securitycavern wants to ensure you stay ahead of scammers, therefore, we will educate you on how to identify a clone site. First of all, you should know that a domain name is like a phone number. It is different for every site just like a phone number is different for every person. For example, if you change one letter in the domain name, it is no longer the same site.

Take a look at the screenshot above, “” is not the same as ““. Also, the site is no longer the same if the ‘.com’ changes to other domain name extensions like ‘.ph’, ‘.org’, ‘.edu’ and many others. For instance, this site ‘‘ is different with (let’s say) ‘’ So the site you see in the image below is also a scam site built with Wix and is different from the Workmines we all knew about.

What Else Can You Do?

We really understand how painful it is to be scammed. Some of the site users took loans knowing they would easily payback after a few days of watching videos. It is so sad but in order to avoid being scammed again, you should accept and move on. Trying to trust upcoming sites will expose you to more scams.

You can send us your questions and concerns in the comments below. Thank you for reading.