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Finding the Right IP for 100% Anonymity



This site does not support carding, hacking or any Fraudulent activities. This article is for educational purposes only. It aims to point out why hackers and carders often go undetected and how you can hide your IP so as to access blocked content. Although the fraudulent steps discussed may work in real life, Security Cavern warns you against any fraudulent behavior as it is against the law.

What Makes a High Quality IP?

  • The Proxy Score should be 0.
  • The Risk Score should be less than 5.
  • The ISP (Internet Service Provider) should be residential.

Would you like to watch Video Instead?

In a moment, I will show you where to get high quality IP addresses and how to test the risk, and proxy score. Some service providers like Comcast, Verizon Fios, TimeWarner, etc. offer very good IP whether it is an RDP, SOCKS5 or SSH. Don’t mind about these terms for now because I will show you all steps (which is more important). When signing in in to a sensitive account, for example PayPal, never use data-center IP because it will cause the account to be limited. There are times I have had to login to PayPal using hidden IP because my home IP had been blacklisted. The ISP for data-center IP normally have the words ‘data’, ‘cloud’ or ‘hosting’ in their name. When you are searching for IP on the sites I will direct you to in the subsequent article, you cab easily look and see what the ISP is.

The IP’s DNS

The DNS (Domain Name Server) of the IP you choose should be within the same country or state as the service you want to obtain. In other words, if your favorite television show or movie is only filtered to show in United States, the DNS of the IP address you choose to hide your identity must be within United States for you to access the show.

The IP’s Proximity

For sensitive accounts like PayPal or bank account, the IP’s location must be as close as possible to your home or the location where you often login to your account. For instance, if I am from Chicago and I choose an IP address from California, chances are the PayPal or bank fraud alert will be triggered when I try to login.In this case, I should use an IP from Chicago or from anywhere within 50 miles from my locality. Distance of the IP selected can be checked here.

The IP’s Blacklist

There are many different blacklists that an IP can get placed on. It is best for your IPs to be completely clean and have zero blacklists. However, if all IP addresses are blacklisted and you have no options left, choose an IP with only one blacklist.

Sometimes it is OK to use data-center IPs to access PayPal and blocked content. I can login to PayPal with my data-center IP and transfer funds but I cannot purchase anything online because most online shops will not approve a purchase from a data center IP.

Having understood the basics of a high quality IP, the next article will discuss how to obtain an IP and check all the above mentioned features.

[Next Reading: Installing and Setting Up Bitvise and Proxifier]

Engr. Meshach Koech

Engr. Meshach Koech

Meshach K. Koech graduated from Negros Oriental State University in 2017 with a Bachelors Degree in computer engineering. He immediately went back for Electronics and Communication Engineering degree and currently pursues a masters in Cybersecurity. He likes blogging, programming and exploring latest technologies.

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