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Hackers Transfer Over $7 Million Worth of Ethereum Tokens to an Unknown Wallet in What is Suspected to be Related to Cryptopia Hack


A cryptocurrency exchange in New Zealand going by the name Cryptopia which was hacked earlier this year continue to hit the headlines. An attacker breached the site and stole funds from Cryptopia’s Ethereum wallets. The attacker has been transferring the stolen funds since the breach occurred.

A Twitter Account called Whale Alerts, that keeps track of large cryptocurrency transactions, has been tracking transfer of funds related to the recent hacks. Whale Alert revealed, a few hours ago, that huge amounts of Ethereum tokens were being transferred to a different wallet. Four transactions with approximately 29770.7290449 Ethereum tokens, which is approximately $7million, were transferred in a time span of 15 minutes.

Whale Alerts shows that several transactions related to the hack have transpired over the past few days.

Whale Alert Tweets Showing Transactions Related to the Hack

Whale Alert Tweets

Remarkably, ETH from a wallet d96ba527be241c2c31fd66cbb0a9430702906a2a was transferred to d4e79226f1e5a7a28abb58f4704e53cd364e8d11. To ascertain the transaction would work, the hacker first transferred 1ETH before making the large transfers as seen in the picture below.

Source: EtherScan

Even since the hack occurred in January, the hackers have managed to continuously perform various transactions, for example, In January 28, 2018 which was two weeks after the hack, hackers compromised and stole funds from 17,000 wallets. According to EtherScan, the funds were transferred to a wallet 0x3b46c790ff408e987928169bd1904b6d71c00305.

The transactions continue to occur with the latest being three hours ago where 500ETH (126,218 USD) of stolen funds were transferred from Cryptopia Hack to EtherDelta’s wallet 0x338fdf0d792f7708d97383eb476e9418b3c16ff1.

Stolen ETH Transferred to EtherDelta

Stolen ETH Transferred to EtherDelta

Cryptopia has chosen to remain silent on how the hack occurred as hackers continue to move funds with the aim of cleaning them.

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Engr. Meshach Koech

Engr. Meshach Koech

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