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A Man, Berry van M, Arrested Over 26 Million Euros Bitcoin Fraud

A 33-year-old resident of Apeldoorn is facing charges related to fraud, forgery and money laundering after he was arrested on Monday. Authorities reveal that he earned over 26 million Euros by fraudulently convincing people to join a Bitcoin mining business. Despite receiving money from investors, authorities claim that Berry did not buy mining computers instead […]

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Android's Tweet on Huawei Ban

Huawei’s ‘HongMeng’ Operating System Set to Progressively Replace Android

How it All Started Huawei’s business progress was threatened on Sunday (May 19, 2019) when Google pulled its license to use Android OS. Google revoked the license in order to comply with an executive order signed by President Donald Trump. The Executive order allows federal government to block buying and selling of foreign-made technology believed […]

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Hackers Transfer Over $7 Million Worth of Ethereum Tokens to an Unknown Wallet in What is Suspected to be Related to Cryptopia Hack

A cryptocurrency exchange in New Zealand going by the name Cryptopia which was hacked earlier this year continue to hit the headlines. An attacker breached the site and stole funds from Cryptopia’s Ethereum wallets. The attacker has been transferring the stolen funds since the breach occurred. A Twitter Account called Whale Alerts, that keeps track […]

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