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Fraud Prevention

A Man, Berry van M, Arrested Over 26 Million Euros Bitcoin Fraud

A 33-year-old resident of Apeldoorn is facing charges related to fraud, forgery and money laundering after he was arrested on Monday. Authorities reveal that he earned over 26 million Euros by fraudulently convincing people to join a Bitcoin mining business. Despite receiving money from investors, authorities claim that Berry did not buy mining computers instead […]

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Equifax Data Breach Report

Equifax Data Breach is among the biggest hacks within the last decade. While companies try to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals, the case of Equifax is different because they had almost two months to install preventive measures that would have prevented the breach. This blog will discuss what problem allowed hackers in, the […]

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Why You Need Credit Card Fraud Alert Notifications to Detect and Prevent Fraud

Credit Card Frauds have become rampant over the past few decades because of advancements in Technology. Being able to detect fraudulent activities in its early stages, is key to minimizing possible losses. It is very important to sign up for credit card Transaction Alerts because it allows you to monitor your credit card transactions. When […]

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