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Hackers Transfer Over $7 Million Worth of Ethereum Tokens to an Unknown Wallet in What is Suspected to be Related to Cryptopia Hack

A cryptocurrency exchange in New Zealand going by the name Cryptopia which was hacked earlier this year continue to hit the headlines. An attacker breached the site and stole funds from Cryptopia’s Ethereum wallets. The attacker has been transferring the stolen funds since the breach occurred. A Twitter Account called Whale Alerts, that keeps track […]

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Explain What a Security Incident Response Team Handles

What is a Security Incident Response Team? Security incident response team, according to Rhodes-Ousley (2013), is a panel made by combining employees from different departments in an organization to respond to a security incident or emergency (p.158). Incidents that a response team can handle include: Incidences Handled by a Security Incident Response Team Unauthorized Intrusions […]

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Explain the Different Security Positions Within Information Security

Information Security Job Groups or Positions Information security, like any other job, has employees ranked into specific positions or job groups. Each security position has its responsibilities and challenges that the stakeholder in charge must attend to. Chief Security Risk Officer The top most position, as written by Rhodes-Ousley (2013), is CSRO, an abbreviation for […]

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Network Security and Firewalls

Firewall is a network system designed to monitor and control a network by scanning incoming and outbound network traffic and network data packets according to a set of predefined rules (Zhu, & Qiu, 2015). A firewall is implemented to detect and block intrusion and/or malware from entering a local or private network. Packet Filtering Firewalls […]

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